August 29th, 2009

Cape Elizabeth,
Joshua Kuck
Joshua Kuck was born February, 6th 1985 and grew up in the town of Cape Elizabeth, Maine.  While growing up, Josh developed a passion for life rivaled by few and admired by all who surrounded him.  Josh's passion shown brightest in his most proud accomplishment; the development of the NCAA recognized collegiate cycling team at the University of South Florida. 
Still in Maine, Josh dreamed of relocating to South Florida and developing his own racing team.  Communicating solely online, he managed to recruit about a half a dozen interested students from USF to participate in making his dream a reality.  Within a single semester, Josh brought the team from a mere dream, to a fully recognized group of proud individuals excited to break out onto the racing scene.  A strong racer himself, Josh selflessly would often sacrifice opportunities in the spotlight to help his teammates in races.  To him, his success was no different than the success of his team.
Josh was a leader, role model, and a great friend.  The amount of heart he poured into the creation of his team was tantamount to the overwhelming success of the team in such a short period of time.  The 2007 USF cycling team was a true surprise on the collegiate racing circuit.  In the midst of the teams inception, Josh continually strived to better the image of the sport, promote safety, and educate.  The Joshua Kuck Scholarship Organization was created to continue Joshua's dream, and ensure his powerful presence in the cycling community is never forgotten.